About Myself


In the fall of 2009 I moved from the small town to the big city and started my degree at Carleron University in Ottawa.

The program, Interactive Multimedia and Design, is four years and covers different aspects of design and development, in collaboration with Algonquin College.

My school taught me a huge variety of technologies and industries, such as animation, game design and web development. Most of what I’ve learned about web development has been self-taught.

My favourite part of being in school was being around a large group of other creative young people and being able to share ideas.


I started my own web development business in 2007. I’ve helped over 50 small businesses with everything from ordering systems to rebranding.

At first I was using basic HTML and CSS, and I’ve been continuously learning new technologies as the web evolves.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Backbone, and React, but I also use Wordpress when it’s a small project.

For example, my client Janice needed a new website with a database for her matchmaking service. I created a Wordpress website with a private matching system with Rails for her and her clients to use.

Check out my work to see more.

About this site

This site was sketched out on paper, designed in Photoshop, and makes use of Jekyll, a lovely static site generator built in Ruby. The home page uses CSS3 animations, and the contact card is a modal I made with JQuery.

I'm using Lato, Fugaz One, and Arvo from Google Web Fonts, and Font Awesome for icons.