Ottawa Web Design & Development

Hi, I'm Matt.

I work directly with clients to design websites, graphics, and offer creative technical solutions.

Me at my desk

Design Process



While communicating with the client, I consider whether branding is needed for their small business, such as a logo, or a colour scheme. For a website design, things like the purpose and functionality are discussed.


Design Mockup

The idea goes into design phase, where a static visual of what the website will look like is made. Decisions about colour and layout are made, while client feedback allows for adjustments to the design.


Website Launch

The design goes into production to create a fully functioning website. The mockup guides the website development process. Things like animations, interactions, and processes are built.



Web Software

I help clients develop and customize systems for accepting payments through their website, online registration, quoting, and e-commerce.


Integrations and APIs

Getting different software to work together is important for efficiency. I'm able to look at business operations from a technical perspective and offer ways to automate.


Website Maintenance

Taking care of old websites, systems, and software. Whether it's a small change that's needed to something existing, or an overhaul.

Me working on a website


How long have you been doing this?

I've been a web designer for 12+ years, serving over 50 small businesses mostly in the Ottawa area.

What kinds of web software are you familiar with?

I have experience working with Wordpress, where I've developed themes, and worked with plugins. I also am familiar with Shopify for e-commerce websites. If you're already using another system for your website, I'm able to learn and customize that software.

What costs are involved for a small business website?

My fees are flexible, and there are several variables to estimate cost. Simple websites typically start around a few hundred dollars, and can get into the thousands, as more customized experiences take longer to build. I'm happy to discuss this if cost is a barrier.

What can I expect when I contact you for a website?

I'll ask you some questions about your business, and how your website should fit. I'll be curious about anything you're already using (existing website, logo), and find out if what you have already is working well or could benefit from a change.

Website examples

Janice Johnston, Professional Listening Services